I owe a lot to b1a4, I used to be very self destructive until I began listening to their music and watching their videos. When I thought about hurting myself I’d think “it would make gongchan upset” or “CNU would be sad if he knew” and that just sort of stops me from doing bad. So I’m proud to say being a BANA saved me!

The fact that BANA is mostly composed of younger(possessive/jealous) fans makes me sad, because they’re not only holding B1A4 back from pursuing their love interests and being happy but in a way are also affecting their music. The group’s inexperience shows in their love songs, as they’re limited to be about falling in love, cheating, or breaking up with no much in between. I’d like for them to experience being in love and write/sing more in depth/honestly about it.

For the past few days, I had been having reoccurring nightmares. When I read Sandeul’s Christmas letter to Bana, I decided to do what he said to do and hang a stocking by my pillow so he could come to my dreams. I don’t really believe in magic or miracles, but somehow it worked out, and last night I did not dream anything bad at all. It’s probably just a coincidence, but still I’d like to thank Sandeul for that, just in case he did have anything to do with it.

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